Friday, 14 December 2012

Carl Sagan Dance Party #1

I imagine that on Friday nights the late Carl Sagan, adorned in a sensible turtleneck and a camel hair sport coat with wide lapels, would settle down after a long day of contemplating the mysteries of the universe to enjoy a drink and some soothing music.
After getting a dignified buzz on - one befitting a man with degrees and appointments from Cornell, Harvard, Berkeley, The Smithsonian and NASA – he'd become restless and perhaps belligerent, maligning the unimaginative tracks he selected for the Voyager II record – The Sounds of the Earth.
A few more scotches and sodas in, I see him rolling up the living room carpet, pretending that he's on the crudely rendered CGI helm of the spaceship from Cosmos and making outrageous claims to the empty room that Michael Jackson stole the moonwalk from him, all as he powerslides backwards across the floor in his bare socks. 
And that's how a Carl Sagan Dance Party begins.
Here are this Friday's space jams.  Check back next week for more of Carl Swagan's cosmic boogie catalogue.

Dexter Wansel - Life on Mars," Life of Mars, Philadelphia International Records, 1976

Discogs: Life on Mars

Asha Puthli - “Space Talk," The Devil is Loose, CBS, 1976

Discogs: The Devil is Loose

Manzel - “Space Funk," Fraternity Records, 1977

Discogs: Space Funk

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