Sunday, 6 January 2013

Acid House & Home

How's your studio/music room/bedroom-overrun-with-midi-keyboards-and-drum-pads looking these days?  What kind of design sense you got going on?  Oh, it's just a vintage kidney-shaped ashtray full of old roaches and the gatefold from Isaac Hayes' Black Moses tacked to your wall?

I get it.  You'd rather spend your dollars on a Mini Moog or a pair of NS10s than on Herman Miller furniture.  But you don't have to break the bank for style.  You know what really ties a room together?  Thematic throw pillows.  That delightful Tommy fellow from HGTV told me so.  Thus, I give to you a selection of plush drum machine and synthesizer.

From the land that produced Sven Väth and Berghain comes Gwendolin Tägert's Softmachines.  Her crafty hand-felted Roland TR909 and TB303 are sehr gut but are also über pricey at 99 to 115 € ($150 CDN) a piece.

Luckily, she provides budget-friendlier versions at 30 to 50 € ($65 CDN).

Just imagine the much-needed lower lumbar support you'll receive as you stay up past 4 a.m. mixing down your new track, or as you leisurely sip your Sunday morning coffee and peruse the latest issue of Wax Poetics (#53: The RZA and Jessey Boykins III).

But if you're looking for German design at Ikea prices, Analog Sweden offers a producer pack (303+808+909) of cushions for a mere 695 kr ($105 CDN).  I recently bought my pillows individually for $39.99 (US) at Halcyon Records in Brooklyn. 

Analog Sweden even makes a Fatboy-style beanbag chair (1995 kr/$303 CDN)!  The hot chick isn't included but if you buy one of these beanbag chairs hot chicks will most likely come over to your place.  Then you can bore them to death while you play them obscure music.  (Bless my wife for sticking out those early years.)

If pillows aren't your thing, how about replacing the Bob Marley poster you bought on Yonge Street back in high school?  My friend David Still, aka Deejay Double Dee, turned me on to Rob Rickett's 808 posters.  For only £12 ($20 CDN), you get a map for programming Adonis' No Way Back and great Dieter Rams-esque wall art. 

You should probably also buy some records to go with your new decor.  Clone Records is my go-to source for acid house (deep techno, electro disco and italo) re-releases, previously unreleased tracks and future classic by the legends and unsung players of underground dance music.  Its website also hosts an exceptional marketplace for new and used wax.


Rodney Bakerr, "House Girl (ft. Mystic) [Serge & Tyrell Edit]," Clone Classic Cuts, 2007
Re-release of House Girl, Rockin' House, 1988

Discogs: House Girl

Steve Summers - "Shake the House," Clone Jack for Daze Series, 2009

Discogs: Shake the House

Alden Tyrell and Mike Dunn, "Touch The Sky (Original Vox)," Clone Jack for Daze Series, 2012

Discogs: Touch the Sky

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