Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Brother on the Run!

Anyone who knows me or has borne witness to my corporeal rotundity can confidently attest that I do not run.  But I know of it and I understand that people better than me enjoy said past time.  I am also aware that many of my Rubenesque brethren succumb to the desire to partake in this ambulatory torment between January 1st and February sweeps, when they finally come to their senses - namely taste and smell - and return, like the prodigal sons that they are, to the fold.  The fat fold.  

So, in honour of yesterday's resolution, today's optimism and tomorrow's failure, I've put together a running mix that my plus-sized friends won't hate come Groundhog Day when they're (we're) loafing on the couch, wearing ratty boxers, watching Star Trek (TOS), and gorging on spoonfuls of Cheez Wiz straight from the jar.

Now enjoy this uplifting, uptempo mix of 70s soul classics that will serve you well even after the bitter weather and the bitter attitudes have set in.

Brother On the Run!

Donald Byrd - Stepping Into Tomorrow
Roy Ayers - Running Away (Long Version)
Stevie Wonder - Keep On Running
Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up
Brass Construction - Movin'
Lenny Williams - You Got Me Runnin' (Breakdown Edit)
Charanga '76 - No Nos Pararan (Ain't No Stopping Us Now)
War - Flying Machine (The Chase)
Johnny Pate - Brother on the Run
Isaac Hayes - Walk on By
Leroy Hutson - Cool Out

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