Friday, 4 January 2013

Carl Sagan Dance Party #3: After Party

"I find the sun incredibly sensuous," Carl whispered into the ear of planetary scientist Carolyn Porco.  

"Just imagine, all those atomic bodies at its heart, colliding, fusing, giving off unfathomable heat and kinetic energy.  And all that raw power exploding into the night, bringing the star into view."  With that Carolyn threw herself at Carl.  But not before he completed the moment with the perfect mood music.

Starvue - "Body Fusion," Midwest International Records, 1980

Discogs: Body Fusion 

James Mason - "Nightgruv," Rush Hour, 2012 (Recorded 1984)

Edna Holt - Serious, Sirius Sax Party (The Unreleased Dub), West End, 1999 (Recorded 1981)

Several years ago, I was required to read a romance novel in conjunction with Janice Radway's Reading the Romance: Women, Patriarchy and Popular Literature as part of a English course on readers, authors and their extra-textual institutions.  I wound up unashamedly engrossed in the tale of a shy woman who falls for the owner of a jazz club called "The Hot Spot."  

I'm a total sucker for trashy literature -- it's my reality tv.

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