Friday, 11 January 2013

Carl Sagan Dance Party #4

Carl Sagan has always been grateful to Italians for: spaghetti and meatballs, the practice of paving one's front lawn only to continue watering it, and Drakkar Noir.  But he's especially thankful for Galileo Galilei, who was the first to point a telescope to the curious heavens and who caught hell for it from the Roman Catholic church.

In honour of Italy, the father of modern observational astronomy, revolutions of science and revolutions of the turntable, here is Carl Sagan's Italo soundtrack.

Charlie - "Spacer Woman," Mr. Disc Organization, 1983

Discogs: Spacer Woman

Doctor's Cat - "Andromeda," Moonray Records, 1986

Discogs: Andromeda

(Nerd bonus points for picking up on the Schrödinger reference)

Giorgio Moroder - "E=MC^2 (Alexander Robotnick Remix)," MB Disco, 2012.

Discogs: E=MC^2

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