Friday, 18 January 2013

Carl Sagan Dance Party #5

In 1994 Carl Sagan posthumously received the Public Welfare Medal, the highest honour bestowed by the National Academy of Sciences.  But in his own life time, Carl was denied membership in that same prestigious organization because of his media spotlighting.  More conservative men of science took exception to his popularizing approaching to astronomy.  In truth, they were jealous that they didn't have a PBS mini-series, a Pulitzer Prize, a best selling novel and that they couldn't program a decent 808 kick drum pattern.

It's no coincidence that bass music originated in Miami's Liberty City, a mere three hour drive from Cape Kennedy.  There's a lot of time to kill between shuttle launches.  Not all of it can be spent calculating trajectories and analyzing spectroscopic data.  Carl preferred to spend the remains of the day ghostwriting low-end hood tracks for Maggotron.

Maggotron - "Welcome to the Bass Planet (Extended Version)" Jamarc Records, 1987

Maggotron - "Return to the Planet Bass" Jamarc Records, 1987

Maggoton - "Bass Invaders (Club Mix)" Atlantic, 1988

Discogs: Bass Invaders

(With apologies to James McCuley and Claudio Barrella).

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