Saturday, 12 January 2013

Rain Coming In From the North

Given the recent weather and the precipitation yet to come, I thought that we were also due for a post about rain.  After all, what better indoor activity is there than listening to records?

To help reign in the theme, I've selected some Northern Soul 45s.  For those unfamiliar with the genre, Bill Brewster, author of the indispensable Last Night a Deejay Saved My Life: The History of the Disc Jockey, explains:

"Roughly speaking, northern soul was the music made by the hundreds of singers and bands who were copying the Detroit sound of sixties Motown pop.  Most of this was a complete failure in its own time and place - it was the music of unsuccessful artists, tiny labels and small towns, all lost within the vast expanses of the U.S. entertainment machine - but in northern England from the end of the sixties through its heyday in the middle seventies, it was exhumed and exalted.  And it is named because of where it was enjoyed, not where it was made (though this would make sense, too).  The word "northern" in northern soul referes not to Detroit but to Wigan; not to Chicago, but to Manchester, Blackpool and Cleethorpes" (Last Night A Deejay Saved My Life 78).


The Epic Splendor - "A Little Rain Must Fall," The Hot Biscuit Disc Company, 1967?

Discogs: A Little Rain Must Fall

Bertha Colbert - "Rain in Lovers' Lane," Columbia, 1963?

Discogs: Not Listed

Major Lance - "Crying In the Rain," Okeh, 1963

Discogs: Crying In the Rain/Hey Little Girl

The Dramatics - "In The Rain," Volt, 1972

Discogs: In the Rain

Frankie Gee - "Date With the Rain," Cartridge Records, 1975

Discogs: Ya Ya/Date with the Rain

Here's the original track that Frankie Gee covered.

Eddie Kendricks - "Date With the Rain," Tamla, 1972

Discogs: People...Hold On

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