Friday, 8 February 2013

Carl Sagan Dance Party #8

The Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Terra Prime" features a shot of a fictional plaque commemorating the Carl Sagan Memorial Station on Mars.  There is, however, a factual Carl Sagan Station on Mars, in that it is the formal name attributed to the NASA Mars Pathfinder lander, which on July 4, 1997 safely delivered the Red Planet rover, Sojourner.

If you wanted to visit the Carl Sagan station you would have to travel no fewer than 56 million kilometres, which represents the closet distance possible between Earth and Mars, next achieved in 2018 when both planets' orbits are in synchronous periapsis around the sun. Employing contemporary technology, the journey itself would take roughly 150 days.

But in the Enterprise episode "Broken Bow," Captain Archer boasts that the eponymous ship can travel to Neptune and back in six minutes while traveling Warp 4.5.  So, with warp technology one could conceivably be at the Carl Sagan Memorial Station in mere seconds.

Warp 9 - "Nunk," Prism, 1982

Discogs: Nunk

Patrick Cowley - "Mind Warp," Megatone Records, 1982

Discogs: Mind Warp

The Coachouse Rhythm Section - "Time Warp," Ice, 1977

Discogs: Time Warp

Daniel Wang - "Warped," Look Ma No Drum Machine EP, Balihu Records, 1993

Discogs: Look Ma No Drum Machine

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