Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Don't Try to Stop Him

Felix Da Housecat's millennial electroclash album, Kittenz and Thee Glitzsignificantly influenced the musical tastes of my early twenties, with its pitch perfect homage to the electro and new wave sounds of the early 80s.  But as I soon discovered, many of the record's best features were samples lifted from Bobby Orlando and Kano singles of said earlier neon decade.

Kano was a composed of a several revolving Italian producers, fronted by RnB vocalist Glen White. The group produced only three albums, which in turn spawned numerous cult singles, but it is credited as a seminal progenitor of italo disco.

Even at the height of the original italo movement, other European synth bands were sampling Kano. Belgium's Rofo nicked the fat-ass bassline from Kano's "I'm Ready" for its own "Flashlight on a Disconight."  Tag Team later used that same sample for "Whoomp! (There It is)."

Kano still perseveres as a perennial muse for countless French house producers.  And when I deejay I try to slip at least one Kano tune into every set.

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Moves.  And more moves.

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