Saturday, 23 February 2013

When Lee Fields Talks You Listen

I neglected to mentioned Lee Fields' 2009 bare knuckle album My World in my earlier retro-soul revival post.  But in my defence, Fields isn't a new cat.  He's a cat who came back.  And he's still doin' how he did in the 70s.  My World and last year's Faithful Man, released by the Brooklyn label Truth & Soul and backed by their in-house band The Expression, are both superb releases not be slept on. Pitchfork extolled My World as "one smoking mother of an old-sounding soul record…A throwback done right."

While you're procuring these newer sides, snatch up Truth & Soul's reissue of Fields' first album, Let's Talk It Over.  The 1979 self-published album was originally only available after shows, in the parking lot, sold out of the trunk of the singer's car.  More recently it's been selling online for over $600.  Thankfully this deluxe double LP reissue is more affordable. Sleeved in new album art, it contains all of the hot steppers and southern ballads found on the original album, plus a collection of 7" singles and b-side that may be even better than the showcase material.  

No more talking it over.  Just get into it.

From the original album:

"She's A Love Maker"

(The album version is about a minute longer than this 7" cut)

"Wanna Dance"

"Flim Flam (Instrumental)"

"You're My Weakness"

From the bonus material:

"Fought For Survival"

"Funky Screw"

"Take Me Back"

"You Been Cutting Out (On Me)"

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