Friday, 15 March 2013

Carl Sagan Dance Party #13

For those who missed this week's momentous news, there has been a global changing of the guard. A great man has been chosen to lead our greatest institution, to serve all humanity, to answer the unfathomable questions of the heavens.  Indeed, Canadian hero Chris Hadfield has been appointed as the newest commander of the International Space Station.*

For the former Royal Canadian Air Force colonel from Sarnia Ontario, this trip will mark his fifth mission to space and his second to the ISS.  The current mission, Expeidition 35, will continue experiments in biology, physics, astronomy and meteorology, as well as on equipment required for further expeditions to Mars.

However, Hadfield has a little side project going.  During his last stint in orbit he played the first song ever recorded in space.  And not to be outdone, on this mission he plans to record an entire album in his free time on board.

So this week's Carl Sagan Dance Party is dedicated to Canucks…IN SPACE!

Lime - Rendez Vous On The Dark Side of The Moon, Lime 3, Polydor, 1983

Discogs: Lime 3

(From Montreal)

Gino Soccio - "The Visitors," Outline, Celebration, 1979

Discogs: Outline

(From Montreal)

France Joli - "Blue Eyed Technology," Attitude, Epic, 1983

Discogs: Attitude

(From Montreal)

Chris Hadfield - "Jewel In the Night," Live From the International Space Station, 2012

(From Sarnia)

*Credit to I Fucking Love Science for this set-up gag.

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