Saturday, 23 March 2013

What A Difference A Day Makes

I recently celebrated a milestone birthday.  My lovely wife gathered dear friends together for dinner, drinks and a little dancing afterwards.  As I listen to fatiguing nordic techno, boxed in by spry revelers a decade my junior, I came to the conclusion that while I used to be with it, they change what it was.  Now what I’m with isn’t it and what’s it seems weird and scary to me.

Now, I know that there are a thousand manifestations of it out there and that I simply need to find an age-appropriate version.  One that doesn't require me to rage, rage against the dying of the light.  Perhaps an it that actually gets me home in time to embrace the dying of the light and get a solid eight hours of rest, so I'm not a wreck at the office on Monday.  Perhaps lounging it. Perhaps head-nodding it.  Perhaps day time it.

Perhaps Dj Day’s latest album Land of 1000 Chances.  It's both age-appropriate and very with it.

Day (née Damien Beebe), equal parts deejay and musician, as adept with an MPC as he is with a Fender Rhodes, is on a mission, as one critic put it, to the find the crossroads where the "Mizell Brothers meet Dilla."  He's worked with Aloe Blacc, been remixed by People Under the Stairs, headlined with Amy Winehouse, and been given the seal of approval by just about every music magazine imaginable, as well as by BBC Radio 1 luminary Gilles Peterson, who nominated Day's "Four Hills" as one the best tracks of 2007Day is currently leading the hip hop collective Piecelock with fellow California brethren Thes One, staying up with his blog Like A Throttle, while holding down at his weekly Ace Hotel parties in Palm Springs.

The Rub's Cosmo Baker poignantly summarizes Day's latest album as follows:

“Something in the energy of the desert, a magical and funky energy, just permeates through the veins of DJ Day. And you hear that in his music – it’s beautiful and thoughtful and spiritual and it’s an aural window into the soul of this dude. Decidedly 21st Century yet still harkens back to all the decades of history and influence of everything that came before it. Truly gorgeous music, and it strikes me to my core each time I listen to it."

The limited edition LPs are encased in handmade PETA-approved alternative leather with foil stamping and feature a removable Polaroid on the front cover.

"Land of The 1000 Chances"

"Mama Shelter"


"Boots in the Pool"

"Quaalude/Daddy's Home"

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