Thursday, 25 April 2013

By the People For the People

While you're waiting for the newest Dam-Funk album to drop, you need to come along and ride on the fantastic voyage with Peoples Potential Unlimited out of Washington D.C.  These jam masters specialize in reissuing tracks by the greatest boogie-funk bands of the 1980s that no one has ever heard of, alongside remixes by contemporary artists, like Tom Noble, who are committed to the cause. Thick bass lines, radiant synthesizers, budget drum machines (clap, clap, clap, clap), subpar basement studio masterings, vocoders and California lovin' wrapped in a jheri curl.  It's all here in one amazing collection!

PPU and its sublabels Cosmic Chronic, RysQues Records and Test Pressing keep the old school new on just about every front, we're real talkin: LPs, 12 inches, 7 inches, limited edition cassettes, beer cozzies, tote bags and music video DVDs that crossbreed TV Carnage with Detroit cable access dance show The Scene.

I've been on the Peoples' wave for some time now but somehow slow to post about them. My recent Spring In Ya Steppp Mix featured two PPU releases, Ultimate Choice's "Get Up" and Jimmy Bennett & The Family's "Hold That Groove," and I've been rinsing Midnight Express Show Band's "Danger Zone" like crazy when I play out.  If you've popped into my monthly soiree Shake Your Rump, I regularly screen the PPU Video Party Volume 2.

Earlier this afternoon I grabbed PPU's latest offering: Dwight Sykes Songs Volume One, a reissue compilation of Sykes four-track cassette singles. I haven't had much time to listen to the album, so we can explore it together by watching the handycam music videos (read: home movies) Sykes produced to accompany his tunes.

If you can't make it into your local shop, PPU wares are available online at Big Carel.


Dwight Sykes - Songs Volume One, PPU, 2013

Discogs: Songs Volume One

"After Midnight"

"In the Life Zone"

"The Good Times"

"You That I Need"

"That's the Way"

"Where Ever You"

PPU Video Party Volume 2

Discogs: PPU Video Party Volume 2

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