Saturday, 27 April 2013

Forty-Five Mix

Nina Simone - Four Women (Dj OBaH's Recycle Funk Mix) [BSTRD Boots]
Mario Biondi & The High Five Quintet - This Is What You Are [Unique]
Milano Jazz Dance Combo - Much More [Record Kicks]
Doctor Stereo - Shake Hank Shake [RESENSE]
Antonio Castro - W.E.L.F.A.R.E. [Jazzman]
Ram - Love Is The Answer [Tuesday Records/Light in the Attic]
Andre Tanker - River Come Down [Soundway]
Brass Construction - Take It Easy (Kenny Dope Mix Instrument) [Kay-Dee]
The Prophets of Peace - 46th Street Bump Time [Maxx Records]
The Rugged Nuggets - Yo Todo Tu Yo [Colemine Records]
Sweet Tea - After The Laughter (Comes Tears) [Light in the Attic]
Tall Black Guy - Drift Away (To Where I Don't Care) [Tall Black Guy Productions]
Brenk - Ole Woam [Melting Pot Music]
Benjamin - Not A Moment Too Soon [Cherries Records]

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For a long time I was reluctant to start collecting 7 inch singles. It seemed like a format best left to aficionados and seasoned deejays. More practically, the last thing my wallet needed was another medium to bleed it dry. But both of those excuses were admittedly pretty lame and I was missing out on a lot of good music. Consequently, I've finally taken the plunge.

I can't say that I see my future self hunting down rare groove or obscure reggae 45s for their b-sides. Notwithstanding, as of late I have been scooping up newer releases representing the spectrum of genres featured on this blog. Stuff like this.

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