Thursday, 19 September 2013

Medline Makes My World Go Round

All week I've been whistling the melody to The Stylistic's "People Make The World Go Round." My co-workers, undoubtedly irritated by now, can thank Dj Medline for that.

The Parisian beatmaker's debut album, People Make The World Go Round, covers not only that classic but soul jazz staples by Roy Ayers, Lonnie Liston Smith, Freddie Hubbard, Joe Henderson (bonus download), Donald Byrd and The Heath Brothers (say word?!).

It's as if this LP were tailored for my ears – and by extension yours, too.

Although foremost a flutist, Medline plays every instrument heard on the album, which is then made all the more stunning by Roni Alkekengi's accompanying luminescent voice. How couldn't everybody love the sunshine when she's singing about it?  And as the peddlers at Dusty Groove astutely point out, these dedicated renditions are enriched further with heavier basslines and propelled by a steady boom-bap, which pays homage not only the original tracks from the 70s but to the golden-era hip hop appropriations of the 90s.

The superb cover art by illustrator Gizem Winter features pen and ink sketches of all the artists covered therein and reminds me of a poster, drawn by a Toronto graff artist, composed of thumbnail portraits of famous emcees and originators. (If anyone knows the poster and artist I'm thinking about, get at me.) The first 500 numbered copies of the LP, out on Melting Pot Records, also came with larger sketches of Byrd, Ayers and The Stylistics.

As a bonus, I've included the Souncloud mix Medline put together to kick off the album.

Medline - People Make the World Go Round, Melting Pot Records, 2013.

"Everybody Loves the Sunshine"

"Smiling Billy Suite"


"People Make the World Go Round (Inspiration Information Mixtape)"


  1. The Toronto Artist who did that poster of Hip Hop Originators is Kagan McLeod.