Thursday, 17 October 2013

Shout Out to Kyle Gallant

History Homeroom meet Kyle Gallant. He's the calligraphic virtuoso behind our blog's new hand-rendered wordmark. Even my scrupulous grade three teacher Mrs. Young would have given his penmanship an A+.

Incidentally, he's also the graphic designer behind the snazzy Natural Selection poster from a few months back.

If you like what you see, Mr. Gallant can be reached through Dribbble, Twitter and Instagram. And soon his very own website. So bookmark for later.

Let's all say a warm, heart-felt thanks to Kyle for our sharp new look!

The inspiration for the logo above comes from the drop-shadow font on Brother Jack McDuff's stellar Hammond organ outing Moon Rappin'. And my heavens, did Kyle ever nail it.

Brother Jack McDuff - Moon Rappin, Blue Note, 1970

Discogs: Moon Rappin'

"Moon Rappin'"


Tribe Called Quest sample at 3:33

"Flat Back"

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